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Lasik Eye Surgery Cost

One of the most important factors which helps people decide about the type of laser eye surgery besides the pre-lasik checkup is the cost of lasik surgery. The concerns for smile lasik usually are– What is the cost of laser eye operation? Why does SMILE Lasik cost so much? Why do lasik costs in India vary so much from city to city and from one eye hospital to other?

The cost of Laser Eye Operation depends on a number of factors including the type of technology used, the skill, experience and reputation of the Lasik Surgeon. We all like to get the best eye care even if costs a bit more and that means the best of technology and the best eye surgeon.

Patients often doubt as to how a surgery that hardly lasts for ten minutes could cost thousands. The major factor which contributes to lasik cost is the cost of the lasik machine itself. The excimer laser which is used for custom / wavefront lasik itself costs about a couple of crore and to add to it the diagnostic and other machines, the basic cost of eye equipment in lasik centre becomes almost 3 crore Indian Rupees.

When it comes to the more advanced femtosecond laser for bladeless lasik, the cost is doubled. More advanced the technology, costlier the machine. The Visumax platform that is the only machine which can be used to perform bladeless, flapless Relex SMILE Lasik costs about 4 crore Indian Rupees.

Apart from the cost of the actual machine,

  • There is a license fee that needs to be paid to the laser company. License fees range from 10 - 15,000 Indian Rupees (Rs) per eye and even higher for Relex SMILE Lasik.
  • In addition, excimer lasik is based on the use of a gas which needs to be recharged every alternate day (each cycle costing Rs. 7000), irrespective of the number of laser operations done by the lasik surgeon in a single day.
  • The blade (microkeratome) which is used in Custom/ wavefront guided excimer lasik costs about 5000 Indian Rupees. These blades are ideally disposable and at the Center for Lasik Surgery, we never re-use the blade again.

You often see Eye hospitals who advertise Laser vision correction at prices as low as Rs. 7000. And if you do notice, this is not usually done by the any of the best hospitals for lasik in India. Costs are cut down by re-using the same blades. This is not something that we at the Center for Lasik Surgery like to compromise with. After all, safety first and everything else later. You will undergo lasik surgery once in your life, make sure that no shortcuts are taken by the centre to decrease the cost.

You can know if the price is justified by getting answers to questions like:

  • What is the type of laser eye surgery that is being offered?
    Specifically ask the lasik hospital what machine and what technology is being offered. You may have the most advanced SMILE Lasik in mind when you hear Bladeless or Femto Lasik, but you may be offered any of the older Femto lasik or PRK technologies.
  • Does the cost include one eye or both eyes?
    Typically, when we talk of the cost of laser eye operation at the Center for Lasik Surgery, the prices are inclusive of both eyes.
  • Is the cost all inclusive?
    Many a times, these astonishingly low prices are offered just to lure you into the lasik hospital. By the time you are done with your surgery and follow ups, you realise that you have paid the same amount that you would have paid for a much more experienced Lasik surgeon and at a better eye hospital.

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