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Lasik Journey

You have been using contact lenses or spectacles for quite some time. You recently heard about SMILE Lasik (also called Relex SMILE) and would like to get freedom from your glasses the safest way. But before embarking on the SMILE Lasik journey, we know that you would like to know all that there is to expect on your way to getting free from spectacles

  • How to Prepare for Lasik Surgery
  • Have a list of questions that you would like to ask about various types of Lasik, the latest SMILE Lasik technology, Do's and Don'ts, etc. Feel free to talk to our Lasik Specialist at the Centre for Lasik Surgery, Navi Mumbai, Dr Vandana Jain during your Consultation.

  • Watch Dr Vandana Jain answer Frequently Asked questions on Relex SMILE Lasik:

  • Before you Book an Appointment

    Have a Friend Drive you back Home
    During pre-lasik checkup, eye drops will be put into your eyes in order to visualise the back of your eye (called the retina examination). Hence, your vision will be blurry for 2-3 hours after the Pre SMILE Lasik Evaluation and you will not be able to drive home on your own.

  • Switch to Glasses before Pre SMILE Lasik Evaluation
    Contact lenses temporarily alter the shape of the outer surface of your eye (called the cornea). You need to leave out your contact lenses sufficiently long enough for your cornea to resume its natural shape. This will help ensure accuracy of the measurements of the cornea which determine how much of the corneal tissue is to be removed during SMILE Lasik surgery.

  • How long before your Pre-Lasik Tests should you go off lenses?
    That depends on the type of Contact Lenses you use:

  • Pre SMILE Lasik Evaluation

  • Pre SMILE Lasik Evaluation at the Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute in Navi Mumbai, India is a set of 7 eye tests that help determine if

  1. Detailed Refraction: This is done to measure the exact prescription.
  2. Corneal Topography: This test studies the surface map of the cornea.
  3. Corneal Pachymetry and OCT: The thickness of your cornea is examined.
  4. Orthoptic Check Up: Some people tend to have minor muscle alignment troubles. Here the balance of one's eye muscles is checked before undergoing SMILE Lasik at AEHI, Navi Mumbai.
  5. IOL Master to assess disparity in length between the two eyes if any
  6. Evaluation of Eye Pressure
  7. Fundoscopy: This test is done for the evaluation of the Retina.
  • Lasik Consultation

    Once you have undergone all these tests, Dr Vandana Jain, one of the best Lasik Specialists in Mumbai, will examine your eyes and analyse the results of the Pre SMILE Lasik Evaluation. Only if all these eye tests turn out normal, will Dr Vandana Jain give you the go ahead for SMILE Lasik Surgery.

  • Day before Relex SMILE Lasik Surgery

    The day before Lasik Surgery, you should stop using any creams, lotions, perfumes, shampoos or makeup. These products may increase the chances of infection after surgery.

  • What happens during Lasik Surgery.

  • The Visumax Platform

    On the day of the Surgery at AEHI, you will be escorted to the Center for Lasik Surgery. You will be asked to lie down under the laser machine on the Visumax platform. The Visumax platform is currently the world's safest and best Lasik machine, offered by Carl Zeiss, German technological giants in the field of Laser Vision Correction.

  • Preparing the Eye

    Your eye will then be readied for surgery by cleaning to ensure zero chances of infection. Numbing eye drops will be put into your eyes to ensure that your SMILE Lasik experience is a painless one here, at Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute, Navi Mumbai, India.

    A lot of people worry about how they will manage to keep their eyes open that long. You need not worry about blinking, because an instrument called the lid speculum helps you keep your eyes open.

  • The Laser

  • Before being positioned over your eye, the Visumax machine is programmed with the entire information about your exact spectacle power correction. The laser machine is positioned directly over your eye. You will be asked to look at a target in the center of the Laser machine and the laser beamed on your eye.

  • The Visumax Laser machine creates a disc of the outermost layer of your eye, the cornea. Then a second laser creates a tiny 3-4 mm hole through which this disc of corneal tissue is removed. And with this, your cornea is reshaped and your spectacle power corrected.

  • All it takes is ten minutes! Many people cannot believe how they went around with the burden of glasses for years… only to achieve TTfreedom in a few minutes. Smile lasik is a true bladeless and flapless lasik- hence the safest lasik surgery.

  • What to expect after Lasik Surgery
    After the SMILE Lasik procedure, we usually advise you to rest for the remainder of the day.

  • Pain after SMILE Lasik Surgery

    Relex SMILE Lasik is a relatively painless Lasik. You may experience some discomfort in your eyes after the Lasik Surgery. But, unlike PRK or Lasik, this feeling of having something in your eye or mild burning or irritation will not last more than 2-3 hours. To minimise the discomfort, we usually advise our patients to keep their eyes closed as much as possible.

  • Medications after Laser Eye Surgery

    Most people do not even feel the need to take any pain medications. You will be given few eye drops which will prevent infection, hasten the healing and decrease inflammation. There are no restrictions on the food that you can eat.

  • Blurry Vision after Lasik Surgery

    Do not be alarmed if you experience blurry vision immediately after your laser eye surgery. This is quite normal. More than 90% patients see well enough to drive (20 /40 or better) without their glasses the next day. A majority of patients have 20/20 vision. We advise you to wear your sunglasses for the rest of the day (on the day of your surgery).

  • The Next Morning

    For most people, the next morning is a huge pleasant surprise. As you reflexly reach out for your glasses the next morning, and you don't find them there and then a smile breaks out on your face- the habit of reaching for glasses needs to go. You are free now.

By this time you will find a drastic improvement in your vision and your discomfort and irritation too would have gone down significantly.

You will be required to come for your first follow up the next day. The Lasik Surgeon at the Center for Lasik Surgery, Navi Mumbai will then examine your vision and double check that all is well after the laser surgery.

  • 1. Be regular with your follow ups. You will be called for follow ups the next day, after one week and after one month.
    2. Avoid Sauna Baths, Water parks or Swimming after Lasik for at least 1 month.
    3. Get a friend along to escort you home after your laser vision correction surgery.
    4. Wear safety glasses whenever you indulge in sports or activities that put you at a risk for eye injuries.

  • 5. You may return to work and computer use after 2-3 days of rest.
    6. Do not rub your eyes for at least 2 weeks.
    7. Do not let soap or water go in to your eyes directly for at least 2 weeks after your laser vision correction

  • 8. Avoid Eye Make Up for at least 1 month after your Lasik eye surgery.

    SMILE Lasik surgery is known to be the gentlest Laser eye surgery for spectacle power correction. You may be surprised to see how smooth, fast and painless your recovery is, especially if you have spoken to someone who has undergone conventional Lasik.


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