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Relex Smile lasik is the latest advancement in Lasik surgery and is based on Femto second laser vision correction technology. ReLEx SmILE stands for Refractive Lenticule Extraction Small Incision Lenticule Extraction.

Until now, in conventional lasik procedure, a blade made a flap on the outer surface of the eye called the cornea. This flap was then hinged open so that a laser could be beamed onto the cornea.

In Relex Smile Lasik Surgery, a laser replaces the blade, so that the entire process is bladeless. A 3-4 mm keyhole made by the laser replaces the need for a flap, thus making this entire lasik procedure as minimally invasive as possible. The laser creates a disc shaped tissue or refractive lenticule within the intact cornea. The shape and volume of this disc or lenticule are as per the spectacle power that is to be corrected. This disc is then removed through the keyhole, sparing the cornea from being opened up. The changed form of the cornea creates the needed change in refraction or spectacle power.

The new flapless bladeless Relex Smile lasik has the following advantages:

  • 80% Smaller Cut Area:
    A 3-4 mm replaces the earlier 20 mm cut that had to be made in conventional Lasik eye surgery procedure. This means that most of the upper corneal layers, which are responsible for biomechanical stability, are untouched.
  • Lesser Dry Eyes:
    Since lesser nerves in the corneal surface are affected, there are lesser chances of dry eyes.
  • Lesser Infection:
    Smaller the cut, smaller the possible area of germ entry, and lesser the chances of infections.
  • Faster healing:
    Being completely flapless, there are lesser chances of a complication called epithelial ingrowth. This also ensures a much faster healing of the cornea.
  • All- Laser:
    Since the entire procedure takes place on the specialised Visumax Platform, it is least affected by outside environmental factors of temperature, humidity and perfume particles like conventional Lasik. This ensures utmost precision, consistency and predictability of results.
  • All-in-one:
    The entire procedure is performed on a single platform – the Visumax machine. This means that the patient need not be moved from one machine to another, thus reducing the treatment time further.
  • Gentle Contact Glass:

    The contact glass of the machine is that part which comes in contact with patient's cornea when the laser is being beamed. In the Visumax, the surface of this contact glass is curved, in keeping with the natural curvature of the human cornea. Also, this contact glass is in contact with the patient's eye only just before the actual laser beams. This ensures a short and gentle experience for the patient.
  • Suitable for Higher Spectacle powers:
    Relex Smile lasik produces excellent results even in patients with high refractive errors, irrespective of each eye's individual characteristics.
  • Flapless:
    Flapless lasik ensures that there are zero flap related complications like incomplete or irregular corneal flaps, thin corneal flaps, button holes and free caps. There is also no chance of displacement of the flap in case of an injury to the eye especially among those whose professions pose a significant risk like those in contact sports or the police. This is the biggest advantage of Relex smile lasik over Femto Lasik or wavefront or custom lasik surgery.
  • No Smell, No Blackout:
    The Visumax is a silent, painless and soft laser, causing least stress to the patient. It does not produce a vision blackout as experienced in conventional lasik. Neither is there unnecessary raise of eye pressure. Also, the smell that a burning excimer laser produces in conventional lasik procedure is not produced in smile laser eye surgery.

Considering all these factors, SMILE lasik Laser surgery is indeed the best and safest lasik surgery available in the world today.

One disadvantage of Smile laser eye surgery is that it requires a greater degree of surgical skill and judgement. Hence, one should ensure that one chooses the best lasik surgeon who has received extensive training and has sufficient experience in performing laser eye surgeries.

Comparison of the different types of laser eye surgery available today:

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