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Center For Lasik Surgery

Are you looking forward to a Spectacle free life?
Worried about finding the best lasik surgeon? Curious about which lasik surgery is best?
Wondering about the cost of laser operation for your eyes?
Leave aside all your worries and fearlessly move on to a Spectacle Free World.
Welcome to the Best Lasik Surgery in Mumbai.

Welcome to the Center for Lasik Surgery at Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute (AEHI).

Why should you pick the Centre for Lasik Surgery at AEHI?

The Center for Lasik Surgery is the only Center in Western India to offer all the latest types of Lasik eye surgeries under one roof

  • Custom Wavefront Lasik
  • Femto Lasik (Bladeless / All laser Lasik)
  • ReLEx SMILE (Bladeless and flapless Lasik)
  • Lasik Xtra (For those with thinner corneas)

"I was in and out of the laser operation theatre in ten minutes"
"It felt like I was part of some sci-fi movie. (It) did not seem like a surgery at all!"

Patients who have undergone laser eye surgery at the Center for Lasik Surgery invariably comment on how unbelievably simple the whole process turned out. To ensure that your experience is quick, safe and gentle during and after lasik surgery, Advanced Eye Hospital team puts in a lot of hard work before.
No patient is hurried into going in for any type of laser eye surgery unless our Lasik surgeon is thoroughly convinced that he / she is safe for laser refractive surgery. Hence, we spend a good 1-2 hours screening your eyes before our Lasik surgeon declares you fit to undergo lasik and this checkup is done on a separate day giving you enough time to think before Lasik surgery:

  • Pre-Lasik Evaluation: Your eye's cornea thickness, cornea surface, pupil diameter, dryness, exact spectacle power etc. are thoroughly evaluated. Know More about the 7 eye tests that are done to know if Lasik Surgery is safe for you
  • Lasik Consultation: Dr Vandana Jain is known as one of the best Lasik surgeons in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai because of her emphasis on safety, ethics and personal care given to each patient. Dr Vandana Jain will analyse the results of your Pre- Lasik evaluation and guide on choosing which lasik surgery is best for you.

At AEHI, we believe in offering personalised care to all our patients. You will be pleased to find a doctor who actually pays heed to all your concerns, supporting staff that attentively responds to every need of yours and an environment that makes you feel at home.

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For SMILE Lasik Surgery Consultation with Dr. Vandana Jain at the Center for Lasik Surgery at Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute in Navi Mumbai, India

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