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International Patients

Lasik Surgery in India offers the Best of both worlds – Latest international technology and globally trained Lasik Surgeons And that too at an affordable cost, zero waiting time for surgery With excellent outcomes at par with any of the best lasik centre in the world.
Leave aside all your worries and fearlessly move on to a Spectacle Free World.
The Center for Lasik Surgery at Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute (AEHI), Navi Mumbai offers the best lasik eye surgery in India, making it an oft chosen Lasik hospital by patients from various countries like UK, USA, Europe, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, Middle East countries such as UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Central Asian Republics.

Online Scheduling:

Just click on the link here to get in touch with us.
A Patient Care Executive will co-ordinate with you for certain basic details like your spectacle powers, corneal thickness and other pre-lasik tests if they have already been done. This helps ensure that we get a fair idea if your eyes could be safe to undergo Lasik and that you have a fruitful trip!
An appointment and subsequent travel to India for lasik surgery can be fixed according to your convenience and the Lasik Surgeon’s availability.

Planning your Journey:

We usually advise our International patients to plan a trip of at least 9 – 10 days.This is how a timeline of your visit to India for Lasik surgery would be:
Day 1: Pre Lasik Work up and Lasik Consultation
A detailed Eye Check-up is done which includes a set of 7 eye tests to check the suitability of your eyes for Smile Laser Eye Surgery. This Pre-lasik check-up also includes testing of the back portion of your eye called the Retina. This Retina Check is done after dilatation of pupil with eye drops and might leave you with temporary slightly blurry vision for 3-4 hours. . This will be followed by a Lasik Consultation by our Lasik Surgeon – Dr Vandana Jain, who will examine your eyes, give you the go ahead and advise you on what is to be expected the next day.
Day 2: Relex Lasik Surgery
This is the Big Day! The Relex lasik procedure does not take more than 10 – 15 minutes. We advise you to rest your eyes for the remainder of the day and not schedule any sight- seeing or outdoor activities after lasik surgery.
Day 3: First Post-Operative Follow Up
Dr Vandana Jain, will examine your eyes the next day after your relex lasik surgery to double check that everything has gone as per plan. By now, you would yourself find that you have regained most of your clear vision!
Day 9: Second Post-Operative Follow Up
This follow up takes place one week after your smile laser eye surgery and would be your last visit to the Center for Lasik Surgery at AEHI. We usually advise follow ups 1 month and 3 months after Lasik Surgery too. If it is not convenient for you to travel all the way back to India, you can always consult your local Eye Specialist and discuss your Eye Specialist’s findings with Dr Vandana Jain over email.

Cost of Lasik Surgery in India:

A lot of International Patients prefer Relex Smile Lasik surgery in India because of the Cost effective Relex Smile Eye Surgery in India. At the Center for Lasik Surgery at Advanced Eye Hospital, you can be rest assured that you are getting the best of technology (German Optic Technology Giants - Carl Zeiss) and the best of expertise (Harvard (USA) trained Lasik Surgeon- Dr Vandana Jain) at a very compelling cost.
Smile Lasik Surgery costs about $1700 to $2000 (USD).
(P.S: Payments are charged in Indian Rupees. These approximate costs are given for your convenience, according to prevalent USD to INR Conversion Rates which may change depending on currency fluctuation)

Home Away From Home:

At the Center for Lasik Surgery, we understand how stressful it is to undergo any medical procedure, that too in a foreign country. We believe in providing you with the best customer service experience so that the outcome of your long journey is worth more than the effort. Our dedicated patient care executives are attuned to caring for the unique needs of the International Traveller:

  • Help with access to Accommodation, Currency Conversion etc.
  • Provision of Medical Tourism Invitation letter for Visa purposes
  • English speaking medical professionals
  • International Standards of Clinical Care and Sanitation
  • Online Follow Up after lasik surgery procedure

At AEHI, you can be rest assured that you are entitled to the most caring staff and the best lasik technology in hands of the best lasik surgeon in India.

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