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Yes, it’s true that Relex Smile Lasik by Carl Zeiss is the most advanced and latest technology in lasik. However, Carl Zeiss has been known for its precision in optics since 1846. Since the first excimer laser for vision correction was started in 1986, a lot of advancements have been made over the years. Each new technology stands firmly on the tried and tested basis of the previous lasik technologies like the much used Femtosecond technology. Since the first clinical studies of Relex Smile Lasik were done in 2006, thousands of patients have undergone long years of post smile lasik monitoring all over the world, making it a well proven technology.

At the Center for Lasik Surgery at Advanced Eye Hospital, which was the eighth installation of the Visumax in the country, Dr Vandana Jain has performed countless Smile Lasik Surgeries since then.

Though SMILE, PRK and LASEK are all flapless laser eye surgeries, there is a world of difference between the very initial surgeries like PRK and the very modern surgery of Relex Smile Lasik.

PRK and LASEK involve the manual removal of the top layer of the cornea as a result of which there is markedly greater discomfort with longer healing time.

Smile has the benefits of being flapless as also the advantages of lasik and femto lasik (least discomfort and quick restoration of clear vision). Even higher spectacle numbers can be corrected with Relex Smile Lasik without any of the previous technique’s disadvantages.

Relex Smile Lasik is the gentlest of all the laser vision correction surgeries. It involves an 80% lesser cut on the cornea as compared to conventional Lasik Surgery. Also, the contact glass which sits over the eye surface adapts to the curve of the eye surface, eliminating discomfort, making Smile Lasik an entirely painless experience.

Recovery after lasik depends on every individual’s healing process, which can vary from person to person. However, we have seen that as opposed to other types of lasik, recovery after relex smile lasik is the fastest. Most people are able to experience very good visual acuity within 1-2 days and their vision stabilizes within a couple of weeks’ time.

At Center for Lasik Surgery at Advanced Eye Hospital in Navi Mumbai, we have a saying “Relex Smile Lasik on Friday, Back to work on Monday” as most of the people who get their Relex Smile Laser Eye Surgery done are actually back to work in 48-72 hours.

Though Relex Smile is one of the safest laser eye surgeries, it is very important to know if one’s eyes are fit for undergoing any type of lasik. This can be determined by checking various aspects in a detailed Pre-Lasik checkup like:

  1. Stability of Spectacle Numbers: Your spectacle numbers should be stable for at least one year before Relex Smile Lasik. A detailed refraction test is done to get the exact spectacle powers.
  2. Corneal Health: Your cornea should have a normal surface and adequate thickness. These aspects are checked by the tests called Corneal Topography, Corneal Pachymetry and Anterior Segment OCT.
  3. Eye Muscle Balance: A risk for developing Squint in the future is ruled out by an extensive eye muscle balance test called the Orthoptic Check Up.
  4. Dry Eyes: It is advised that people with severe dry eyes, undergo Lasik surgery only after their dry eyes have been resolved.
  5. Eye Pressures: Advanced stages of Glaucoma should be ruled out before one is declared fit to undergo Relex Smile Lasik procedure.
  6. Retina Evaluation: A detailed retina evaluation is done by a Retina Specialist after dilating pupils of one’s eyes. That is why, at the Center for Lasik Surgery at AEHI, we insist that the patient is never rushed into doing a hurried Pre Lasik Work up on the same day as the lasik Surgery.
  7. Length of Eye ball: This is checked by a test called the IOL Master.
  8. Uncontrolled Diabetes or Auto Immune Disorders: These eye diseases usually disqualify you from becoming a suitable candidate for Lasik.

At the Center for Lasik Surgery at Advanced Eye Hospital in Navi Mumbai, we believe:
“Safety first, everything else later”
And this has been possible due to extensive Cornea Training and experience which our Lasik Surgeon, Dr Vandana Jain, has. Since Lasik Surgery is a cornea surgery, the chances that at our centre your cornea and vision are safe in the long term, are the best.

There are no food restrictions after smile laser eye surgery. So if you feel like having an ice cream to celebrate your new found freedom from glasses, by all means, do so!

It is best that you rest your eyes after you go home from the procedure to help with the healing. Hence we advise you to avoid straining your eyes from cell phone / television / laptop viewing the day of the surgery, after you leave the Lasik Center. You can resume your computer work 2-3 days after Relex lasik.

Your vision will start improving in the first few hours after Relex lasik and should be almost normal by the time you visit the hospital for your first follow up the next day. Some people may experience slight haziness for a few days, depending on how fast their body heals.

However, almost all our patients report excellent vision by the time they come for their second follow up, a week after smile lasik surgery.

The actual procedure of the Relex lasik surgery usually takes about 20 – 25 seconds. Adding up the time taken for preparing and cleaning the eye, the entire Relex lasik procedure will take about 20 minutes.

No, Laser vision correction is done under local anaesthesia. This means that you will be awake during the entire procedure. But you will not feel any pain thanks to the numbing eye drops that are put into your eyes before the smile lasik procedure starts.

If you are above 18 years old (and have had stable spectacle powers for at least one year), you are fit to undergo Relex Lasik whenever you choose.
Those above 40 years can also undergo Smile Lasik safely, but you will need to use your reading glasses.

Any Lasik is a permanent procedure and the spectacle numbers that you are corrected for will remain corrected. People with lower spectacle numbers do tend to have the most success with any refractive surgery, as compared to those with higher numbers.

When it comes to Smile lasik though, even those with higher spectacle numbers can rest assured of a good outcome. Almost everyone who has undergone Smile Lasik Surgery no longer needs to use their glasses for most of their activities.

However, there is a condition called presbyopia which sets in after you turn 40 or 45 years old. Presbyopia is a normal aging process in which you gradually need to use reading glasses. After this has set in, you will need to use reading glasses for near vision work like reading the newspaper etc. Nonetheless, your distance vision is not affected by Presbyopia, meaning that you can still be spectacles free for most of the time!

Smile Lasik offers a host of advantages over other older (and hence cheaper) Lasik technologies like:

  • Quickest Recovery Time
  • Zero flap related complications
  • Best choice for people involved in contact sports
  • Least chances of dry eyes as minimal number of nerves are affected
  • Most minimally invasive (80% lesser cut)
  • Least chances of Infections
  • Best option for those having large spectacle powers

When it comes to your eye, would you put the safety and comfort of your eye before money? Definitely Not!

Dr Vandana Jain, the Lasik surgeon at Advanced Eye Hospital in Navi Mumbai, has trained from the best eye institutes in India (LVPEI, Hyderabad) and abroad (Harvard, USA).

She is also a trained Cornea Specialist which gives her additional expertise on how to handle the cornea, which is where the laser is beamed. This unique combination makes her one of the most highly trained and best Lasik Surgeons in India.

Dr Vandana Jain has a success rate of over 99%. The detailed Pre Lasik evaluation that she performs, ensures that no unforeseen complications like dry eyes or infections are seen with our Smile Lasik patients.

Smile Lasik Surgery costs about 2.5 times the cost of Conventional Lasik. There are a number of reasons for this difference in cost:

  1. Relex Smile Lasik can only be performed on the Visumax platform which is an entirely different specialized setup that allows one to perform the entire laser eye surgery in one step, as against having to move the patient for a two-step procedure in conventional Lasik (Flap creation and laser application). This machine itself is very expensive, which adds to the cost of each Relex Lasik surgery.
  2. The Visumax machine comes equipped with a special software that ensures an extremely accurate and customized outcome. Every time a Smile Lasik procedure is done, a license fee needs to be paid for the use of this software to Carl Zeiss, which further adds to the cost.

Inspite of high price, thousands of people choose Relex Smile Lasik over conventional Lasik or even Femtosecond Lasik for its obvious advantages like Smile Lasik Surgery offering the least invasive, fastest recovery and most precise laser eye surgery. We also believe that when it comes to safety of your eyes, a price can never be laid on something as precious as your eyesight.

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