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We know how difficult it can be, to find time in your hectic schedule. At Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute in Navi Mumbai, we offer you the comfort of booking an appointment, while you are on the go!

Just fill in your basic details below. Our Front Desk Officers will get in touch with you so that an appointment can be booked as per your convenience and the availability of renowned Lasik Specialist,
-Dr Vandana Jain.

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P.S: Before you book an appointment, it may be useful to know:

  1. Most of our patients prefer getting the Lasik Consultation as well as Pre-Lasik Workup done at one go. This helps you save on your time and is more fruitful, as the Lasik Specialist will be able to guide you better, based on the Pre-Lasik Workup Eye Test Results. Do let us know whether you are looking to book an appointment for just a Lasik Consultation or a Lasik Consultation with the Pre-Lasik Work up as well.
  2. Do arrange for someone to accompany you back home if you are planning to undergo the Pre-Lasik Workup. The drops that will be put in to check your Retina will leave you blurry eyed for a couple of hours.
  3. Do switch over to your glasses from your contact lenses at least a week before your Pre lasik Workup for best results.

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